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In spellwork and ritual, Witches don’t just call upon the Goddess and God but also the elements. To make your invocations and spellwork more potent, having an understanding of the elements you are working with is important. 
The element of Water is essential to all life, animal and plant alike. Water is necessary for birth and regeneration. But its power can also be dangerous and damaging. Tossing seas, floods from storms, drowning – if Water isn’t respected the results could be disastrous. 

What is the Water Element 

Water is passive and heavy. Its contrary element is fire. Associated with darkness, thickness, love, the soul and motion. It has solid, liquid, and gaseous forms that can be incorporated into your craft in different ways. Water is often considered the most powerful and potent element because of its mastery of and connection to the other elements. Water extinguishes Fire. Nothing on Earth can grow without it. It can swallow the Earth in flood. It rises to the heavens, existing in Air’s domain as clouds. Despite its ability to conquer and destroy, Water is mostly calming and soothing to the soul. Water is tied to emotions, dreams, purification and cleansing, and psychic abilities. It is a shapeshifter. 

Water Element Correspondences 

When working with the Water element, especially when it is the key element of the ritual or spell, incorporating its correspondences will heighten its power. 

Deity: Goddess
Energy: Feminine, Receptive
Direction: West
Colors: Blue, teal, silver, white, black, green
Zodiac Signs: Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio
Time of Day: Dusk
Season: Autumn
Stones / Gems: Aquamarine, amethyst, blue topaz, blue tourmaline, coral, fluorite, pearl
Herbs & Plants: Water lilies, seaweed, lettuce, rose, gardenia, ferns, lotus
Trees: Apple, Apricot, Birch, Cherry, Elder, Elm, Rose, Willow
Animals / Creatures: Water snakes, dolphin, whale, otter, seal, fish, turtle, frog. swan, mermaid, kelpie, siren, starfish
Planets: Venus, Moon
Symbols: Inverted triangle, cup, waves, shell, raindrop
Instruments: Resonant instruments such as the bell, harmonica and cymbals, a flute made from a water reed
Tools: Chalice, goblet, cauldron, mirror
Metals: Copper, mercury, silver
Tarot Suit: Cups
Sense: Taste
Goddesses: Aphrodite, Isis, Marianne, Mari, Tiamat, Yemaya
Gods: Dylan, Ea, Manannan, Osiris, Neptune, Poseidon

You’ll notice there is a correlation and connection between the correspondences. Water’s direction is West, where the sun sets. Dusk is when the sun sets, Water’s time of day. Dusk is not yet night, not still day. Autumn, Water’s season, is the transition between Summer and Winter. These correlations are no coincidence. That is why incorporating as many of the element’s correspondences into your rituals and spellwork increases the potency of the element’s power. A water spell performed at dusk in the Autumn months will have more power than a water spell performed at dawn in the Spring. That isn’t to say you can’t invoke and use water year-round – you can! But there are small things you can do to increase the power of your spell or ritual when Water is the key element. 

Using the Water Element in Spells 

Water is a versatile element and can be used in spells in many different ways. From a small bowl used as all elements are called upon to being the primary focus, water is frequently a part of Witchcraft. 

The type of spellwork most enhanced by water are those focused on the aspects it is tied to. Spells focused on emotion, purification and cleansing, health and healing, dreams, and divination. For example, water in a black bowl can be used for scrying. Water is used as a key component in many spells focused on cleansing, purification, and healing – symbolically washing away illness, bad energies, and more. 

It isn’t just these types of rituals and spells that water plays a role in, though. Elixirs, teas, and other spells that are imbibed require water as their base. Water can be used to clean and purify objects for other spells and rituals. A ritual cleansing bath can be taken before other spellwork to prepare yourself for new energies. When the goddess or moon needs to be represented, or all the elements be placed on the altar, water will be present. 

Connecting with the Water Element 

It is easy to connect to the element of water. As easy as taking a drink. But ingesting water and being grateful for its lifeforce and how it helps your body isn’t the only way to connect with it. 

Immersing yourself in water fully is a wonderful way to connect to the element. Take a long bath or refreshing shower and pay attention to how the water feels on your skin. Notice the steam and how it interacts with your body. Swimming enhances and heightens your connection to the Water element. Because so much of Wicca revolves around nature, naturally occurring bodies of water are best for a swim. The ocean, a lake, river, or pond are most ideal for the swim. However, a human-made pond, lake or pool will work if naturally occuring bodies of water aren’t easily accessible. Notice how the water feels as it passes over your skin. Feel how the water supports you as you float. Think about the smell and what it means. Pay attention to the life that exists in and around the water. 

Walking or dancing in the rain is another excellent way to connect to the Water Element. If you can perform rituals, spellwork, or meditation in the rain, especially focused on emotion, cleansing, or divination, it will be enhanced by your connection to the water. You can even connect to water without being in it. Listen to recordings of bubbling brooks, rushing rivers, falling rain, or crashing waves.

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