Garnet occurs across the world and is a group of silicate minerals. Evidence of garnet being used as jewelry, embellishments, talisman, and an abrasive has been unearthed in settlements dating back to the Bronze Age.

The stones occur in different grades of hardness, opacity, and color. Harder qualities saw them being used as abrasives in early civilizations, and industrial quality garnet is still widely used today. The clearer gems got used for jewelry, crystal carvings, and decoration. Colors include clear, black, blue, brown, orange, yellow, green, pink, purple, and red.

In this article, we’re going to discuss the properties of red garnet.

A Garnet Stone for Protection

The word ‘garnet’ originates from the Middle English word ‘gernet,’ which means ‘dark red.’ In turn, ‘gernet’ derives from the Old French word ‘grenate,’ which referrers to the pomegranate fruit that contains bright red seeds similar to garnet crystals.

Because of its abundance, it was widely used by royalty, high priests, warriors, and commoners alike, mainly for protection. Although many artifacts discovered are reasonably crude, there’s proof that beautiful items of garnet set in silver and gold were transported and traded along the Silk Road.

Both Christian knights and Muslim warriors used it during the crusades, and many pieces of armor and weaponry inlaid with garnet have been discovered. And they weren’t the only warriors who carried garnet for protection. Weapons decorated with garnet as well as garnet talisman, amulets, and even garnet ammunition have been unearthed at archaeological sites ranging from the Americas, Africa, Europe, Asia, and Australia.  

Healing Properties

Red garnet is the color of blood, and ancient healers would place stones in or around open wounds to encourage coagulation. They were also placed over healing wounds to promote tissue regeneration and healing. Garnet also reduces toxins and purifies the blood to maintain physical health and wellbeing.

Emotionally, garnet has a calming effect that can help soothe anxiety and lift depression. A garnet crystal placed under the pillow will discourage nightmares and disturbed patterns of sleep. In times of crisis, garnet can strengthen the survival instinct, bringing courage to the fore. It also fortifies resolve in seemingly hopeless situations and can turn obstacles into challenges. Mutual cooperation is also enhanced in desperate times to ensure the continued existence of the group.

Because garnet enhances courage and taking decisive action, it’s also considered a stone of good luck. Fortune favors the brave!

Widows and widowers commonly wore garnet to overcome grief and to help them let go of emotional pain so that they could move on with their lives.

As a crystal of balance, garnet can lower issues like fear and insecurity and increase self-esteem and self-acceptance. It encourages love and devotion as well as commitment and dedication. So, it makes an excellent companion stone for social interactions, success in relationships, achievement in business, and victory in any competitive situation.

It can be used to enhance the libido or subdue a very high sex drive as well. Wearing garnet stones in underwear is believed to help with erectile dysfunction.

Garnet Spiritual Properties

Like most red crystals, garnet is associated with the element of fire and the root chakra. It’s also, however, associated with the crown chakra and linked to the kundalini energy. You can use garnet to awaken the kundalini because its resonance with both the first and seventh chakras allows it to guide energy up along the spinal column. As the energy moves upwards, garnet’s balancing properties will disperse energy and provide balance and purification to all other chakras.

The properties of any other crystal can be enhanced by the fiery presence of garnet, making spell craft and healing more potent.

Carrying garnet as a companion will heighten the perception of both people and situations. Self-awareness can be enhanced, allowing the wearer to be more open to other opinions and ways of doing things. In doing so, it encourages learning, unlearning, and relearning. Anyone willing to reflect on their own beliefs and ideas, relearn, and let go of obsolete or biased beliefs is on a path towards spiritual enlightenment.

Expanded awareness and enlightenment makes accessing timeliness easier. Past life regression and gaining a greater understanding of our current life path and soul purpose can be achieved through mediation with red garnet.

Garnet at Yule and as a Birthstone

Since garnet has always been so readily available, ancient people had easy access to its fiery and revitalizing properties. Ancient societies used it in many rituals and festivities. Fire was essential to survival, even a century ago, making clear red garnet both a special symbol and an emblem of honor.

In ancient times, fire was a critical element, particularly during the long, harsh winters, and garnet was widely used to celebrate the Winter Solstice. Since fire creates the means to sustain life, garnet talisman, jewelry, and embellishments on tools, weapons, and even utensils were made to use in festivities.  

Garnet is the birthstone for anyone born in January. It’s believed that they’re automatically imbued with its properties. The zodiac signs of Capricorn and Aquarius are also associated with garnet.

A Garnet Charm Blessing

Wearing charms became popular in the Victorian era. It’s not that people didn’t wear jewelry or carry talisman before then, though. Retail stores became more sophisticated in the 1800s, and artisans had a more significant market as people flocked to cities. Charms were refined and could be fashioned into any item and made from various metals and gemstones.

Choosing a charm depends on what you want to attract into your life and which properties of garnet you wish to align with your energy. In ancient times across Europe, garnet carved lions and wolves were not only very popular but highly sought after for courage and protection. Asia saw a garnet carved dragon’s claw share the same properties.

Today you can get garnet carved charms, or precious or semi-precious metal charms inlaid with garnet in virtually and shape you want. Blessing a charm means you’re making it a part of your energy, so choose well. Whether you’re looking for love, luck, courage, or to develop your creativity, remember that fire stones are potent – so only wear your charm if you’re serious about manifesting your intentions.

As soon as you bring your charm home, cleanse it in any way that suits you – using fire though to cleanse garnet it very appropriate. Just run the charm above an open candle flame while visualizing all residual energy and negativity evaporating in the heat. You can also place it under the afternoon sun for a few hours to cleanse it with fire.

Once your charm is cleansed, don’t charge it because you want to bless and program it with your intentions first.

What you’ll need:

  • your charm
  • cinnamon incense (for protection and to cleanse your space)
  • red candles placed in a small circle (tea lights are great to represent the sun; the circle confirms the endless connection)
  • your intention to align it with your energy

What you’ll do:

  • Hold the charm in your non-dominant hand (receiving).
  • Meditate lightly and see if you pick up any vibrations.
  • If the vibrations are negative, re-cleanse the charm again and start over.
  • If there’s no vibration, the charm could be waiting for your programming.
  • If the vibration is positive, ask it how it wants to work with you.
  • Pay particular attention to your chakras and emotions when analyzing incoming vibrational energy.
  • Once you’re both in harmony, move the charm to your dominant hand (giving).
  • Draw your intentions from your core and into your throat chakra (communication).
  • Channel your intentions down your arm into your palm chakra.
  • Transfer the energy from your palm to the charm.
  • Hold it gently and feel it heating up (your palm might also become hot).
  • When the heat subsides, it indicates that the energy transfer is complete.
  • Thank the charm for accepting your intentions and choosing you.
  • Say the following incantation as a pledge of solidarity and allegiance:

Fire in my soul, fire in my hand

Together we are blessed, as one we stand.

In love and light, you work only with me

All my energy, I pledge to thee.

Wear your charm when you need its energy to help you achieve your goals or attract what you need. You don’t have to program and bless it again as long as only you handle it, but you must cleanse and charge it regularly.

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