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The Earth Element

Air and Water might be necessary for life, but Earth is life itself. It is the Mother Goddess, her womb full. As Witches, we are dedicated to the Earth element, protecting, respecting, and honoring all of nature. The Craft pulls on the natural magick of all the elements, but Earth provides the basis of so much of our practice. Like all things in the universe, the Earth element’s connection to the other elements is a circle. It is the basis of all elements and energy, but it must be made fruitful and be cleansed by the other elements to bring forth life and death. If we don’t respect Earth, it withholds that which we need to survive. Earth is the center; it is the mother. 

What is the Earth Element? 

Fertile and stable, The Earth is the most feminine element. It has many forms. The soil that nourishes. The seed that holds potential. The plant that springs forth. The leaves, the bark, the flowers, the fruit of the many thousands of different plants that cover the planet. It can also be destructive, wiping out life with earthquakes, mudslides, and sinkholes. It is a passive element, heavy. Its contrary element is Air. It is associated with darkness, quietness, calmness, and thickness. It is grounding. Earth is most associated with fertility, balance, abundance, prosperity, money, stability, and strength. 

Earth Element Correspondences 

Because crystals and herbs are key elements in spellwork, you are almost always incorporating some of Earth’s correspondences into your rituals. However, when you are specifically calling on Earth’s energies and power, you want to make sure you use as many of its correspondences as possible to really enhance that power and energy. 

Deity: the Goddess
Energy: feminine, receptive
Direction: north
Colors: green, yellow, brown, black
Zodiac Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Time of Day: midnight
Season: winter
Stones / Gems: malachite, amazonite, hematite, bronzite, jade, emerald, dark and opaque stones, green stones
Herbs & Plants: grass, grains, ivy, comfrey, apples, patchouli, vetivert, mosses, nuts, low growing plants
Trees: oak
Animals / Creatures: burrowing animals, dogs, earthworms, ants, horses, gophers
Planets: Saturn
Symbols: inverted triangle with a horizontal dissecting line, seeds, herbs, salt, crystals, soil
Tools: pentacle, salt 
Sense: touch
Goddesses: Demeter, Ceres, Mah, Gaea, Persephone, Nephthys, Rhea, Prithivi, Rhiannon
Gods: Pan, Cernunnos, Adonis, Marduk, Athos, Dionysus, Arawn, Tammuz

There are no coincidences in magick. These correspondences show the true connection of magick in all things. You’ll notice how they tie together in many ways – which is why it is easy to figure out correspondences even if you aren’t sure of them when beginning. Earth is associated with darkness and its season is winter, and its time of day is midnight – both times of great darkness. Midnight is the beginning and end of the day. Winter is the beginning and end of the cycle of seasons. Correspondences bind magickal components of spellwork and ritual, and using corresponding items will improve your spellwork. An Earth spell performed at midnight in winter will be especially powerful. That doesn’t mean winter and midnight are the only times to work Earth spells, though! There are so many correspondences, and you can perform an Earth spell at any time and still ramp up its power and energy. 

Using the Earth Element in Spells 

Earth has many forms in spellwork and ritual but is most often represented by a bowl of salt in the north position on the altar. Salt is also often used to cast a circle. Earth is also often represented by crystals and stones, and It is also brought in via herbs, sacred trees, and other plants. Soil is another common representation of Earth. 

If you perform a spell focused on the energies aligned with Earth, using Earth correspondences will enhance it. Abundance, balance, centering, fertility, prosperity, money, and protection spells will all be enhanced by Earth and its correspondences because they are all energies of the Earth element. When working with these energies, you want the Earth element to be a key component of your spell. Blessing an agate crystal wrapped in birch to use in a protection charm enhances the Earth element’s protective properties.  

Connecting with the Earth Element 

The Earth element is part of our lives every single day, but usually without intention. Truly connecting to the element requires focus and intention with the interactions. 

Surrounding yourself with nature is an easy way to connect. Go for a hike in the mountains or a stroll in the park. Pay attention to how the plants are growing, how your steps feel on the soil as you walk. Walk barefoot, take a nap in the grass, climb a tree. There are so many ways to just be in nature and connect with Earth. 

Gardening is another great way to connect to the Earth element. And it can be done indoors or out! Apartment living can make it challenging to connect frequently, so that’s where potted gardening comes in. Growing the herbs you use in spellwork not only connects you with Earth, but it also connects you more to the spell itself. Bury your fingers in the soil, feel its coolness. Picture the darkness beneath it in your mind. Once the plants start growing, gently caress the leaves when you water the plants to connect with them. 

You can connect with the Earth element through eating, as well, especially with root vegetables. Hold them, smell them, be thankful for them. Savor fruits and vegetables as you eat them. Feel their energy pass into you. 

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