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Being able to travel and explore the world not only gives us amazing adventures but can also expand our knowledge of the Witch World. One downfall of traveling, though, is that you may not always be ready to practice your Craft, which can be aggravating if you find a perfect environment for a spell or ritual. But you should not be deterred from traveling due to being afraid of not having your magick at the ready. You can bring your magick with you when away from home, although you need to get creative on how to do so. There are various ways you can bring magick with you without it being cumbersome or a heavy load to carry. Many of these tricks you may already be doing without realizing. So let’s take a look at how you can bring magick with you anywhere you go.

Make a Travel Altar

A travel altar is a great way to transport your altar essentials in an easy-to-carry package. To make a travel altar, pick items that you know you’ll be using a lot of, like small pieces of gems, herbs, or seashell. You can use small glass bottles to store the loose items so they do not fly about in your altar kit. As for where to store the travel altar, you can use a simple pouch or find a container you like that has the space you need. There’s no need to bless the travel altar so long as the components inside come from your main altar. If the items don’t come from your main altar, they’ll need to be cleansed.

Utilize Old or Unused Makeup

If you love to use color magick, you can still use it on the go. You can use old or unused makeup to get the splashes of color you need. You can use old makeup brushes too, or your fingers since you won’t be applying the makeup to your face anymore. The great thing about using old makeup for color magick is that it’s already in easy-to-carry containers, so long as you don’t use the large eyeshadow palettes. You can use old eyeshadow, lipstick, powders, anything that has color and isn’t too hard to clean off surfaces later. And when the makeup is used, save the containers for refills or as other on-the-go storage.

Get Creative With Magickal Energies on the Go

Nearly everything on Earth has magickal energy to it. You need only get creative to use it. For example, fruits are easy to carry tools that contain magickal energy, and you can eat them when done. The plants around you have magick forces, but you may need to bring a book of plants with you to be sure of what energy you are working with. Anything with color has that color’s magickal properties you can borrow and use when needed. If you allow yourself an open mind and big imagination, you can start to see what you can use on the go that you may have not even realized while at home.

Use Miniature Items

It may seem a little silly to use miniature items, but they are easy to obtain and come in handy in a pinch. You can find mini cups to use as chalices, toy knives to use as your athame, even little wands to use as your magick wand. You don’t have to worry about the materials these miniature items are made of, as they’ll most likely be plastic or mixed metals. For these miniatures, you want to focus on cleansing them as you would your normal-sized tools before leaving and when you come home. That way, they are always ready for you to use when you are away from your standard-sized tools.

Create a Rearview Mirror Satchel

If you love traveling by car, you can use the rearview mirror to carry a magick satchel. This pouch can contain gems, herbs, or anything that you think you may need when out and about. You may be tempted to load up the satchel, but you need to keep in mind its size. If you put too big a pouch on your rearview mirror, it could pose a hazard when driving. So try to keep the satchel about the size of your palm and filled with items you know will be needed on the road. Keeping those things in mind, you should be able to make an ease of reach satchel for your car.

Create Accessories with Magickal Items

Probably one of the most fun ways to bring magick items with you on the go is to make them into accessories. You can make a charm bracelet using your favorite stones. If you make it a clip-off bracelet, you can remove the stones and refill the bracelet when you get home. You can make a lovely broach or hairpin using features, antlers, or other animal parts. You can even create accessories using plant matter as a bracelet, charm, or bag. The more creative you are making the accessories, the more your energy will be stored in them.

Traveling should be an exciting adventure, not something to avoid because you are afraid of being a Witch without their tools. With the right combination of tips and tricks, you should have what you need for a quick on-the-go spell. While these portable magick tools are great on the go, they cannot fully replace having a stable altar or your collection of tools at home. Think of it more as an extension of your magick and abilities, so you are not left powerless when away from home. Try your best to avoid relying heavily on these portable magick tools, and only try to use them when you know you will be away from your home altar for a long time. When used correctly, you should have a fun magickal experience when on the go, no matter where you go.

Creating a Portable Altar

What You Will Need:

  • a bag or box of your choice
  • three small glass bottles
  • pieces of your favorite gem
  • a flat stone
  • a feather
  • a match
  • small piece of antler
  • small stick
  • seashell
  • miniature tarot cards
  • a small symbol of your deity
  • a bell
  • a sage bundle

What You Will Need to Do:

Start by picking where you will be carrying your altar. It can be a simple drawstring bag that can be tucked in your pocket or bag. Or, it can be a box with a lid, so the items do not fall out. You want to be sure not to pick too big a bag or box as it could make it hard for you to carry the altar on the go or too clunky to work with. Once you have selected what you will carry your altar in, you can fill it with altar essentials.

In one of the small glass bottles, fill it with consecrated water. You will be able to carry the Water element with you. In another small bottle, fill it with small pieces of your favorite gem or stone. This way, depending on what type of stone you use, you will be able to include your energy into on-the-go spells or use them to retain energies from performed spells. Keep the third bottle empty for if you find a useful item on the go to use in future spells or to keep any potions you may make.

Next, light the sage bundle and place it on a holder. Take the flat stone and hold it in the sage smoke to cleanse it of any collected energies. Once cleansed, place it in the altar box as it can be used as the Earth element. Do the same for the feather and match as they will represent the Air element and Fire element respectfully. Now you will be carrying the Four Elements with you.

Cleanse the antler, stick, and seashell through the sage smoke as well. For the antler, be sure that it was obtained humanely; otherwise, it can bring negative energies to your portable altar kit. If the antler were obtained humanely, it would make a great representation of an athame. The small stick can be used in place of your wand and the seashell as a chalice. Now you have your on-the-go tools.

For the final section of your altar kit, you’ll include items to help with your divinity and having your patron deity with you. There are many options of miniature tarot cards you can pick from. The item representing your deity can be anything that can fit comfortably in your altar kit.

When all the items in your altar have been placed, cleanse all the items one more time using the sage smoke before closing the altar and taking it with you. Cleanse the items in your portable altar kit after each use with sage smoke.

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