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Moonstone is a beautiful iridescent stone with a pearly sheen. Witches hold it in high esteem because it’s associated with the moon and the full moon in particular. The silvery luster of moonstones change, however, depending on the light, so it also reflects the waxing and waning moon.

It’s not a rare crystal, but big stones of high quality are not easy to get. For the most part, you’ll find smaller stones readily available. Moonstone naturally occurs in Australia, Brazil, Madagascar, Myanmar and India, where the only colored Moonstones occur. The rest yield white stones only. Colored stones from India (where they’re highly revered) include blue, grey, peach and a rainbow variety that reflects light like a prism.

Main Properties of Moonstone

Different cultures attach various meanings to moonstones, but specific universal properties are widely recognized.

The most significant is its connection with the moon and the feminine. It holds the power of the unknown and the mystery of life. We can use its powers to discover our own subconscious truths, journey into the soul and also to venture beyond the veil.

Moonstone is also widely regarded as a stone of protection, especially when traveling at night. In many cultures, it’s been used as a talisman by travelers for centuries. Artifacts of protective moonstone jewelry and amulets have been found in settlements inhabited by the Romans, nomads who traveled in caravans to trade and seafaring nations who traveled by ship for war and trade.

How to use Moonstone

You can wear it as jewelry to draw on its properties, use it in spellcraft, rituals and also in healing. If you practice moon magic or align your lifestyle with the cycles of the moon, then moonstone is your perfect companion.

  • Jewelry: wear moonstone after spells and rituals for fertility, fidelity, strengthening new love, protection, self-discovery, self-improvement, psychic development and dream work. Carry moonstone in your luggage if you’re traveling and also keep a stone in your car to keep you safe and ward off any road rage.
  • Spellcraft and rituals: bring moonstone in to strengthen intentions that have a feminine connotation, are connected with any moon cycle, involve the circle of life and are related to protection and self-development. Moonstone is also very effective in spells related to improved creativity, empathy, acceptance and compassion.
  • Healing: moonstone increases fertility, encourages healthy pregnancy, eases childbirth, improves menstrual health, boosts libido and eases the symptoms of menopause. It also has a calming effect, improves sleep and can be used to alleviate anxiety and night fears in adults and children. It works well as a growth stone for children and teens, and to slow down degenerative conditions of vital organs as well as hair, skin and nails. You can use moonstone in chakra meditation for cleaning, balancing and realignment.

Moonstone and the Crown Chakra

All colors of moonstone are associated with the crown chakra, which is the portal between the physical body, our higher self, the world of spirit, the universe and the divine. The crown chakra influences our thinking and how we perceive and respond to the physical world. It is a source of strength and guidance as well as intuition, imagination and creativity.

Through the crown chakra, we can balance all our other energy centers. A crown chakra that’s out of balance or blocked, however, can cause anxiety, disconnectedness, obsession, a lack of direction, and a feeling of isolation. It can manifest in the body as recurring headaches, nerve pain, delusion or psychosis, fatigue, insomnia and depression.

Unresolved Emotional Pain

Current and past hurts and stress can lead to an unbalanced or blocked crown chakra. Emotional pain caused by life events, including relationships or chronic illness, is one of the main reasons. Fear, bad memories, negative mental conditioning and overthinking can impact your crown chakra.

You could be going through a tough time, so you’re aware of your emotional pain. Or you could be suppressing past hurts to a point where you’re no longer consciously aware of them. Either way, symptoms will manifest that will influence your quality of life.

Here are some of the behavioral signs:

  • Detachment from the world around you
  • An inability to connect through spirituality
  • A constant low level of anxiety and depression
  • Feeling out of place or as if you don’t belong
  • Deteriorating personal relationships and friendships
  • Seeking comfort in material things, such as food, shopping, etc.
  • Allowing yourself to be used or abused because you feel unworthy
  • Heightened awareness and persistent low-level fear (survival mode)

Why does this Happen?

Trauma is the most common cause, but mental conditioning can also be a reason. Going through a breakup, losing your job or home, being diagnosed with a chronic condition or the death of a loved one can affect the crown chakra negatively. This is because of the shock and stress of what we’re going through cause us to shut down emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

We can, however, slowly be eroded by toxic relationships, constant criticism and ongoing verbal or physical abuse. It often occurs in childhood when a parent or close caregiver continuously puts us down, deals out unreasonable punishment or favors one child over another. This kind of abuse can be very subtle, but it has a massive impact on a child’s developing personality and self-esteem because it causes an endless, low-level trauma.

Recovery form any trauma is a process, not an event. There’s no one single spell, ritual or elixir that’s going to get you standing tall suddenly. You have to unpack the facts, examine them, understand them, learn from them and then pack them away in a healthy manner. We can’t let go of trauma completely because we’ll always remember, but when we process events correctly, they become a source of wisdom rather than pain.

Moonstone is an excellent crystal to guide you through healing and recovery by giving you the strength and courage to face your pain, realign your thinking and rebalance and unblock your crown chakra. Divine guidance is essential to healing because it gives us insight beyond what we’re able (or willing) to understand.

Moonstone Inner Strength Ritual

No matter what trauma we’ve experienced, we can recover and come back stronger and wiser than before. This isn’t a one-off ritual. Repeat it weekly until you can feel that you’re ready to let it go.

Do the ritual every Tuesday at any time between midday and midnight. Tuesday is a good day for summoning courage, banishing fear, driving away threats and for protection. It’s associated with the Nordic and Roman war gods of war, Tyr and Mars. Time-wise, you want to draw negativity out and bind it away from you, so use the afternoon and night hours that are moving towards midnight, before the beginning of a new day. You can use tall candles for the ritual and reuse them every week.

Use the days in between to keep a journal of thoughts and emotions that arise, how they make you feel and to record improvements in your quality of life.

What you’ll need:

  • 1 red candle (for courage and action)
  • 1 black candle (for protection and unblocking)
  • 1 white candle (for cleansing, healing and enlightenment)
  • 7 moonstones (7 for self-expression, deeper meaning and spiritual connection)
  • Dragon’s blood incense or resin (for protection, courage and fire)

What you’ll do:

This ritual takes place within a triangle, the most robust geometric shape. The triangle is also a symbol of Man to the Divine; the flow of divine energy to you.

  • Cast your circle of protection
  • Place a candle at each point of your triangle within the circle
  • Place 2 moonstones between each candle (2 for balance, inner-strength and intuition)
  • Light the candles and incense or resin
  • Sit or stand in the center of the triangle
  • Relax by taking a few sharp breaths and doing a body scan
  • Start breathing rhythmically and feel all tension drain from your body
  • Put the remaining moonstone on your crown or hold it there
  • Feel your crown chakra opening-up
  • See the white light of the Divine cascading down through your crown, through your body and aura, all the way down to your feet and beyond
  • Sense how the light fills you with strength, courage, self-worth and healing
  • Ask the light to free you from attachments to the past as it swirls through and around you
  • Also ask the light to remove energy blocks, fill gaps and realign your body, mind and soul
  • Allow the light to hold you for as long as it stays
  • See the light as a conical shape with the base around your feet, tapering up past your crown
  • The light will recede of its own accord, gradually spiraling upwards, drawing all hurt out and away from you as it leaves

At the end of the ritual, say the following incantation:

Divine light, I asked, and you came
You free me from fear, sorrow and pain.
Divine light, you know all of me
You erase the things I can’t see.
Divine light, I stand in awe and love
If my strength falters, I’ll look above.

You might feel tired after the first few times you do this ritual, but as you heal, you’ll begin to feel more energetic and stronger.

As you use your journal, you can start bringing specific things into the triangle and ask for them specifically to be removed. Wearing moonstone jewelry or carrying moonstones on you will make healing more comfortable and increase inner-strength. (Remember to cleanse your moonstones regularly at this time because they’ll be absorbing a lot of negativity.)

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