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In my previous essay about Connectivity, I said, our life spark is
connected to the great consciousness and therefore everything, everywhere everywhen. In theory we should be able to shift our consciousness to any point of Time and Space. In theory, yes. But in applied practice there are some nagging kinks.

For about twenty years I taught classes in Remote Viewing or RV to my students and others from the pagan community. Now I hear some witch-oriented people moaning “Remote Viewing is not Witchcraft, it’s not the old ways.” I beg to differ. Think of it as a modern disciplined approach to the old skill of divining. 

If you search on the internet you might find some excellent web sites on RV. Also, you will find some New Age sites that proclaim that remote viewing is some sort of grand psychic gift that yields great colorful visions and communing with the spirits etc.  Nothing could be further from the truth!

First off real remote viewing “Has all the charm of trying to see a cow through a bucket of mud” as one esteemed RV instructor put it. 

Real remote viewing has been described as the ability to data mine accurate information about a non-local place, person, or an event without using one’s physical senses or any other obvious means. 

The basic principle behind the technique states that we as living beings all have an immortal spirit that is connected to everything. By use of a Blind Target cue, a Remote Viewer is targeted to a specific place, or time or to a specific item. 

How this works. I as a proctor-instructor arrange in advance for target items to be stuffed into envelopes.  Several times over the years my wife has had one of her interns make target cues for me. One intern would cut pictures out of the newspaper, write target cards, even take pictures on their phones of items at home or in the office, and make hard copies. Then hand those target items off to another intern who would dutifully stuff and seal the blank envelops. Finally, a third intern would sit down with a computer and random number generator and assign target cue random numbers on each blank envelope. This is called triple blind. Even me the Proctor has no idea what any of the Targets are. Typically, the interns generate a stack of perhaps 100 target envelopes. This is done to provide a high degree of randomness. 

All of these envelopes are put into a sack or a tub for a random drawing at class time or at a team practice time.  Later at classroom session or an Away-Team RV session, we meditate everyone into a calm state of quietness or the “Zone.” Then, I as proctor remove a random target card, state the target number three times, and begin to walk the participants through the very structured set of Remote Viewing protocols or Stages that are designed to progressively mine more and more information about the selected target in layers of information.  

For the record. Over twenty years, I have had 5 or 6 self-proclaimed seers or psychics visit a session and fail miserably in their attempt to gather information about the Targets. On the other hand, the RV class students or the Away-team, would generate pages, and pages of verifiable information. 

What is an Away-Team? The idea was garnered from Star Trek. During classes we figured out that some RV viewers seem to “click” with the environment of the target, others pick up on the energetics of the site. Still others are adept at describing and drawing the target. Lastly some RV viewers tend to lock on to living beings. I know at least two viewers who routinely end up in the cockpit of the jet plane, or the Space suit of the astronaut, or perhaps mingle with the customers at a French Café in Paris in the 1930s. Later during post viewing analysis, the combined data results illustrate a comprehensive assessment of the target. 

What does any of this have to do with Witchcraft?   Put simply, “The Limits-Phenomenon.” In the beginning of this essay, I stated that we are connected to everything, everywhere, everywhen. In theory any of the Remote Viewers should be able to go to any target that is presented. Yet, over the years I noted some viewers could not go to certain places. Remember the targets are blind to all of us.

The scenario would go like this. We start our normal process and somewhere during the first stage a viewer puts down their pen. Typically, I would ask the viewer to try probing the target Glyph generated by the Younger self again. Normally a viewer would pick up their pen and try again. If they still put the pen down, I used to suspect they could not touch the target. Later during the analysis when the Target card was removed and revealed, the target was usually some arduous location. For example: Visiting the Titanic where is now. It is important to note that the remains of the great ship are under 12,600 feet of water. 

Over time I noted that the more hazardous the target environment, one or more people would put their pens down and stop the viewing efforts. These difficult targets were rare, but the behavior was consistent. Over a period of ten years, after many classes and away-team sessions the pattern became clear. Some very good viewers just could not visit certain targets. 

In the end it seemed to come down to two things: a reservation to explore targets of extra-ordinary distance. Also, the fear of ordinary life-threatening environments. In both cases this equated to a Natural Self-Preservation response. 

In terms of Self Preservation. If the Target was a highly hazardous or deadly environment some people reacted with a fear-based response. It is important to remember that the viewers do not consciously know what the target is. Logic would suggest that at a subconscious level they clearly know, and their natural self-preservation responses kick in.  

If the Target was visiting the Chernobyl melt down, Tranquility base on the moon or visiting Opportunity on Mars; many of the viewers put their pens down. One viewer regarding the Chernobyl target scribbled in his margin notes, “I’ll die.” Another viewer on his Tranquility base target wrote in his session notes: “There’s no air.” 

Finally, in one of my classes 5 of 6 viewers put their pens down. One person threw it down on the table. The Target was “Opportunity on Mars.” Three viewer students made margin notes that suggested that the target was “Too Far” or “I can’t go that far away…”

Overtime many viewers if they have kept up with RV class exercises; seemed to train their subconscious that visiting such dangerous targets was not a threat to their physical presence. Likewise traveling to very great distances was not problematic either, or was it?

About seven years ago, I invited some of my best remote viewers to a Sunday afternoon “Difficult Targets Away Team Party.” There were seven viewers. I had a collection of color-coded target cards, that I knew all had great distances associated with them.  I did not know what the targets were, only that they involved excessive distances. They did not come out in any the order that follows. 

The International Space station was a piece of cake. An old Apollo moon landing site, no problem. A trip to Mars to find the rover “Spirit.” One person could not accomplish it. 

The target of “The Water Geysers” on Saturn’s moon, Enceladus. Half the team put down their pens. One person scribbled, “I can’t it’s too far.”  

The last target was the Voyager 1 space craft where is was then. At that time, the space craft was approximately 7,143,016,613 miles from Earth. Radio signals sent from the craft took a little over ten hours to get here. Six of the seven viewers put down their pens, they could not touch Voyager 1. Two viewers wrote in their notes, “too far” or “I’ll lose my way.”

One viewer touched it. As a matter of fact, she crawled all over it, sketching details and writing descriptions. She clearly had acquired the target. What was different about her? One, she knew how to quiet herself. Two, she was also the only witch in the group and a well-seasoned witch at that. 

Could any witch have done it? Probably not, because not all Witches are Rambunctious Risk Takers. Many experienced witches are, but certainly not all. This exceptional lady is clearly a risk taker and was willing to reach out and to go for broke!   

In Connectivity Part 1 I asked the question. “If we’re so connected to everything why can’t I touch an Alien on Zeta Reticuli, 39 light years away?” Answer: Fear and Self Preservation 

But perhaps we can with Good Meditation skills, Serious Remote Viewing Training, Sub-conscious Fears Dampening and above all, Commitment and Patience. 

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