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In my previous article about Magickal Mechanics, I stated that: “Our life spark is connected to the great consciousness and therefore everything, everywhere everywhen. We are not separate from it.”

The question has been raised to me. “If we’re so connected to everything, why can’t I touch an alien on Zeta Reticuli, 39 light-years away?” Well, in pure theory, you can. But there are other factors that inhibit that sort of deeper connection.

Ok, let’s take this in baby steps. Let us talk about this topic with the metaphor of schools of fish in the ocean. Think of the Great Consciousness like the collective oceans on the Earth. Within our ocean system, there are billions of fish swimming in big and small schools.

It is often said in mysticism that we are connected to an immediate local group of spirit instances. Lifetime after lifetime, we reincarnate together. My daughter in this lifetime may have been my mother in a previous life or perhaps my military captain, or even simply a colleague in a common profession, who knows. Lifetime after lifetime, we all wear different masks-of-flesh and participate in this game of incarnate life.

This cluster of these spirits can be metaphorically considered like a local school of fish. Things that happen to any of us affects others. If a member of the school moves one way, many times, the whole school will follow suit. Likewise, most of the time, the school just seems to function almost as one common entity. By extension, all the schools of spirit entities throughout the ocean-of-consciousness pretty much function as collective spiritual societies unto themselves.

In practical magickal terms, many of us have had requests to do healing workings for someone’s sick relative. Many times, this request comes via multiple degrees of separation. In the end, we the practitioner, usually have virtually no direct channel of connection to the critically sick person.

Classically, we witches have asked for something that is intimately connected to the person in question. Therefore, we witches might ask for something they may have worn recently, maybe a lock of their hair or their fingernails clippings. I know one witch who used to ask for a drop of the sick person’s blood.  Of course, these days, with contagions like Covid-19, gathering personal items, locks of hair or nail clippings, or infected body fluid is very risky.

Many years ago, when I lived in a Buddhist Monastery, we monastics frequently received requests for karma changing magick all the time, in the form of Fire Pujas, a grand fire offering ritual. One of our requirements was a “blood connection.” How was this done? At a very minimum, a “blood relative” would purchase a large quantity of grain offerings that would be offered in the great fire pit during the ritual proceedings.

The more acute the situation, the greater the need for a deeper blood connection with additional blood relatives. If the situation was “gravely” serious, the requirement would be for multiple blood relatives to be in attendance and actively participating in the ritual proceedings. 

As witches, we rarely have non-witch blood relatives of a gravely sick individual wanting to participate with a large circle working on their behalf. In that regard, I use the young and innocent model.

Since I have no direct connection to the sick relative, I usually write a prayer specifically for that ill person’s situation and request that the family have a child of 6–8 years of age who dearly loves that sick person to make the prayer offering.

Metaphysical Connectivity Graph 600x462 1My magickal thinking calls upon the simplest of magickal models. First, we always must have a clear intention. Then we must have a strong emotional connection to the Intended Recipient if we do not have a clear path of relationship or an emotional connection. Then we as witches must rely on a combination of magickal skills and techniques.

In my experience, I would rather have the emotional energy of a teary-eyed seven-year-old little girl who dearly loves her grandmother saying the healing prayer over working from my circle of disinterested strangers. Likewise, I would rather have a half dozen old ladies from the grandmother’s parish who know her and are willing to come and do a group rosary for her. Right there, this is a friendly group connection and an intense mantra-like recitation ritual. Both are powerful stuff.

Again, connection is everything. But let us examine another approach to establishing a connection.

We have already talked about classic Contagious magick using things a person once had contact with, like items of clothing, locks of hair, fingernail clippings, a drop of blood, or perhaps teeth.

Of course, there is the concept of Sympathetic magick, a magick principle based on correspondence and/or imitation.

Let us look at Sympathetic magick and the principle of imitation. Most of us have seen a movie portrayal of someone using the classic poppet or voodoo doll. Typically, we see the action of sticking pins into the voodoo doll that acts as a proxy for the actual person. The effects of sticking in pins directly affects the proxy target. Another way this has been portrayed is someone sticking pins or slicing a recent photograph of the target individual with a knife. This is an example of Sympathetic magick’s nature of “Like produces Like.”

Another approach using Sympathetic magick is the principle of correspondence. During my early training, some forty years ago, teachers rarely explained the concept of correspondence beyond being a form of imitation using a vegetable as the poppet instead of making a doll.  

But there is a more modern approach to look at the principle of correspondence. That is from the perspective of divining.

If I were to take a photograph of a statue of George Washington in the city square, stuff it into an envelope, and then seal it, then put a random number or random alpha-numeric on the outside of the envelope. We now have a correspondence link between that number and that statue of George Washington in the city square.

If we give that random number to a group of Diviners or Remote viewers, it’s possible to discern very accurate information about the target in the envelope without having seen it. If I were to write down on a 3×5 card the precise latitude and longitude of the Eiffel Tower and stuff that into an envelope, seal it, and assign it a random number. The Diviner and Remote viewers again might start describing the ironwork and random people milling around the structure and perhaps even start doodling imagery that resembles the Eiffel Tower.

The US ARMY and the CIA discovered this phenomenon back in the early 1970s. Nobody knows how this association principle works, but it just does!

Finally, if I were to write on a 3×5 card: “Visit Tranquility Base on the Moon on July 20, 1969,” stuff that into an envelope, seal it and assign a random number to it. The Diviners and Remote viewers again might start describing a bright, desolate place, far away, and perhaps remark it looks like clowns in puffy suits hopping around with a flag. YES, really! Those are the words of one of my students many years ago. 

Is it not interesting? With no obvious connection, using only a target number, we took our Diviners and Remote viewers across both time and space. Here is an example of how we immortal spirits living in our human bodies on this little blue planet can reach out and touch things across the cosmos.

The remarkable thing about using the target number technique is that it works both ways. It works as a tool for divining and for active magickal workings. Think of it, both solitary and group magickal practitioners can focus magickal energy toward a target inside that envelope with wonderful effect. There are some procedural rules of the road and ethical considerations that must be followed, but the correspondence principle works very effectively in this regard.

Let’s go back and examine a previous problem. Earlier our group circle had no good connection to a sick person. Imagine taking a photo of the previously mentioned ill grandma who is in the ICU, stuff that photo into an envelope, seal it, and assign a random number to it. Then have the coven over to direct healing energy directly to that specific target number. If the situation is serious enough, you could post the random number sequence on social media so that many others can direct magickal energy to the target. Since her identity is anonymously sealed in an envelope, no one but the high priestess needs to even know who the healing is for, thus protecting the woman’s HIPAA privacy.

In my next article on connectivity, I will discuss some of the limits to extreme distance viewing/divining and discuss the reason and specialized training needed to open up the world and the universe to future magickal practitioners.  Bright Blessings, Everyone.

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