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Becoming Wiccan

According to coven Wiccans and those who rule the roost in this modern-day and age, becoming a Wiccan is not as easy as picking up a book or by following the rules and regulations and daily life of a typical Wiccan. To call oneself a Wiccan within the Gardnerian tradition, one must be initiated and obtain ones first degree within a registered coven to be given the permission to call yourself a Wiccan and be recognized to begin your own coven one day. A brilliant author and founder of Seax Wicca saw this and presented a self-initiatory path to the world. This path is known as Seax Wicca, and it is the only path inside the many Wiccan lineages that accepts self-initiated Wiccans.

If you are not one of those people who believe that someone else has the right to dictate your relationship to the divine, and you have no will to join a coven and follow the man-made path to be able to call yourself Wiccan, then this article will serve you well.

How to become a Wiccan without joining a coven

Step 1: Research and read everything.

The first step is to begin researching and reading prominent Wiccan authors. The more authors work you take in, the broader your understanding of the Wiccan landscape will become. You will learn to integrate your own methods and more importantly, you will learn that your own methods are correct.

The importance of this step is to find your own balance and your own method to understand the underlying message of Wicca. Every author, every coven and every teacher have a different method to bring about this message, and until you digest this into your own subconscious, you will never understand the myriad different elements within the Wiccan craft.

Step 2: Forge a relationship with the divine balance

Creating an altar in the name of what you perceive to be the divine is extremely important. A Wiccan altar is about balance, there are many ways to integrate this balance in a space and make it sacred. Place all the things that mean something special to you on a surface in your home that will not be disturbed. When you are more comfortable, begin to place the feminine aspects of the left and the masculine ones on the right. Always remember to leave the back of your altar as a dedication place for The Universal source energy, the element of creation that existed before everything and will continue to do so well after everything dissipates.

Make sure to set aside morning and evening times for prayer and dedication. Use this time to practice pathworkings and meditations and spend this time with the gods. Never worry if you are doing it right. It is always important to respect the divine, further than that, this is a relationship that you are building, not an interview that you are going to. Be sure to create a Book of Mirrors that will stay with you when you enter your sacred space at your altar. Record every time that you do a pathworking, a prayer or a working, and be sure to record your feelings and your insights in there. The Book of Mirrors is different to the Book of Shadows but just as important.

Step 3: Learn the Wiccan Laws and Ways

Obtain another book, a sketch book in A4 works best for your Book of Shadows. In this book, record correspondences that work for you. Record the research and the dates and duties of all the eight Sabbats (the Wheel of the Year) and study it well. Your relationship and your understanding of the Wheel of the Year is the most important work when coming to the Wiccan texts. Also, visit Doreen Valiente’s work and read through her devotional pieces on the Goddess and the God. Record her pieces such as The Charge of the Goddess into your Book of Shadows.

Always work around the Wiccan rule of three and around the Wiccan adage of “An it harm none, do what ye will.” Never kill or sacrifice anything, this is not the Wiccan way at all. Do not follow teachers or paths that prescribe to any sort of killing or sacrificing any living things. The Gods do not require us mortals to hurt anything and to become a Wiccan is a path where you will be bringing peace into the world.

Step 4: Learn to work with energy

Energy work is vital on the Wiccan path. Learn all the paths of energy work that the world has to offer. Find one that works for you. Invest in courses on healing modalities that you can integrate in healing your life and the lives of others. Reiki is very popular amongst Wiccans, but there are thousands of other forms of healing out there.

Learn your chakra’s, learn how to balance them, and learn how to know if they are not in balance. Learn about your Shushumna, your Ida, and your Pingala. Learn to know which of these are strongest and how to activate your masculine or feminine energy when it is needed. Learn to see energy around plants, animals, and other people. Seeing the aura takes a lot of dedication, but it is wise to begin working on seeing these energies as soon as possible.

Learn to cast circle and learn to protect and shield yourself. Learn to cleanse your home and your sacred space and learn which herbs, crystals, and recipes work with your energy. If you want to know how to be a Wiccan, make sure you learn everything about your own energy in relation to the world around you.

Step 5: Find a community, a coven or a group of likeminded individuals

When you are ready, you will tick most of the milestones mentioned in the list below. When this happens, you may have the need to reach out to other likeminded individuals if you have not already done so.

  • You have formed a relationship with at least one Goddess and one God. These are called your patron parents and you know everything about them
  • You have a traversed one or more turns of the Wheel of the Year
  • You have a working Book of Shadows, a working Book of Mirrors
  • You know how to cast a circle
  • You know how to work with the quarters within the circle and have formed a relationship with the elemental spirits that guard each of the quarters
  • You can write and have run your own ritual
  • You know the various pantheons of deities
  • You know the Wiccan Laws and ways
  • You know how to shield your energy from energy vampires and leeches
  • You can cleanse and protect any given space

There are many more things to learn before you know how to become a Wiccan and more importantly, how to be a Wiccan. If you want to make your religion formal you have three choices, self-dedicate, register and initiate within the Seax Wicca tradition; join a coven in your area of the chosen tradition if Seax Wicca is not your choice; or you will have to find an online coven where you can be initiated. Online covens are not the way to go as training needs a one on one element and you need to have the human, first-hand relationship to be taught the ways of Wicca to fully understand and integrate them into your own life.

At the end of the day, the choice is always yours. Your spiritual path is between you and the gods and as long as you do not harm anything or anyone, you are on the right path!

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