In case you didn’t know, there are different types of witches, not just the standard Wiccan Witch we all know. The different kinds of Witches specialize in a form of craft or practice that uses their magic in different ways. Typically, Witches start as a standard Witch since it is the best place to start when first learning the Craft. But, as Witches begin to learn more spells and magical properties, they may decide to specialize in a particular craft, thus becoming a specific type of Witch. We will go over a few of the more common Witch types out there, but know that many different types of Witches exist that do not have a large following due to them being obscure or not talked about as much.  

Traditional Witch 

These Witches take a historical approach at Witchcraft and focus more on the history of Witchcraft and the Old Craft, the magic that came before Wicca. They look at old grimoires, witch trials, lore, ancestral work, and historical accounts. Traditional Witches honor the “old” ways of the Craft while also implementing local history, spirits, and nature in the area they live or work. While the main focus is in the “old” ways, some Traditional Witches today take a contemporary twist on their practices. 

Solitary Witch

As you may have guessed by the name, Solitary Witches practice their craft on their own without joining a coven. Some Witches are Solitary Witches by choice, especially if they do not want any clashing opinions while working, but some are solitary because they have yet to find a Coven to join. Regardless of choice, Solitary Witches have more flexibility to practice their craft as they see fit since they do not have to abide by a Coven’s rules. In fact, Solitary Witches can incorporate different works into theirs and can even form their own religious beliefs. 

Hereditary Witch

Hereditary Witches are born into a family that practices Witchcraft. Their magic and knowledge are passed down through generations, with each family member having given their own traditions and belief system to the family practice. Hereditary Witches can choose to practice their own craft, though, without having to follow those practices that were passed down. Also, even though a Hereditary Witch is born into a family of Witches, it does not mean that they will have stronger magic than non-hereditary Witches. 

Kitchen Witch

Also known as a Home Witch, Kitchen Witches make their homes their sacred place. Nurturing is a vital point of their Craft as it brings together families in a loving, home environment. They tend to include their craft with cooking and brewing by using herbs. They care deeply about their ingredients, so they may have their own herb and vegetable garden. Kitchen Witches specialize in essential oils, herbs, foods, and using everyday objects in their spells. 

Cosmic Witch

Also known as Star Witches, Cosmic Witches use the cosmos, astrology, and astronomy in their Craft. They mainly look at the alignment of the planets and stars to base their spells and rituals depending on their orientation. Celestial energy is vital to their practice as it is what mainly powers their spells and rituals. Their magic tends to be stronger at night due to the better exposure of the stars and planets when they are visible to the naked eye. 

Secular Witch

Secular Witches cast spells using crystals, herbs, oils, and candles, which is common for most Witches. What makes them different is that they do not attach spirituality to their practices. They do not worship a higher deity or being as they do not believe that there is energy in their work. While a Secular Witch’s method is non-religious, that does not mean that they cannot be spiritual, just their work. Both their beliefs and their work are entirely separate and do not influence each other. 

Elemental Witch

Elemental Witches study and practice magic using the elements: earth, air, water, and fire. They honor each element based on the specific magical properties that the elements offer to Witches. Elemental Witches may even have an altar set up to worship each element. Since elemental Witches have a stronger connection with the elements, they can call on them easier when casting a spell or performing a ritual. Some Elemental Witches may have an element that they identify with and work with more due to the connection. 

Eclectic Witch 

Eclectic Witches take the idea of a Solitary Witch a few steps further. They do not have a set religion, practice, tradition, or culture that they follow. Instead, Eclectic Witches pull from a variety of sources to create their own personal Witchcraft practice. Some may worship a higher deity, they may be primarily secular, or they may create their own form of spirituality. Eclectic Witches have the power to create their own rules, practices, and religions unique to them that could change over time. While it seems easy, being an Eclectic Witch can be difficult as you will have to do plenty of research to understand how the different Witchcraft practices work and if they can incorporate it with other practices in a harmonious form. But it is not impossible with enough determination. 

You should have a broader understanding of the different types of Witches surrounding you and may have realized that you fit under a specific Witch type. If any of the Witch types interest you, do your research to see what it takes to become the Witch of interest so you can direct your magic to a specific craft. 

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