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Yule is a time when new life begins to manifest, but it is still invisible to the naked eye. Deep below the bleak, barren surface new life is developing; warm, protected and coddled in the earth or the womb.
That’s in nature, of course, but Yule is a time when you can start planning the manifestation of new beginnings of any kind as well. New beginnings need not be something new; it can be a continuation or expansion too.

Maybe you’re looking to manifest financial security, health, and prosperity for yourself and your family, or perhaps you would like to find balance and harmony in life. New beginnings don’t have to be anything big or spectacular.

What are the right Crystals to use at Yule?

This decision can be tricky! You don’t have to go out and buy new crystals for Yule. The colors most often associated with Yule are green, gold, red, silver and white. Plenty of crystals reflect these colors, but they won’t necessarily bring the energies that you want.

If you go online to find Yule crystals, you will become confused because a lot of what’s online is marketing copy, and people are trying to get you to buy from them. Remember that crystals resonate specific energies (just like we do), and crystal energy attracts or heals.

When you’re working with crystals, you’ll find that some sit better with you than others do. That’s because we don’t identify with all of the energy around us. If you want crystals to decorate your Yule altar, then any shade of tiger’s eye, bloodstone, snowflake obsidian, garnet, and peridot are among the crystals associated with Yule.

If you’re looking to manifest new beginnings of any kind at Yule, go with crystals that resonate directly with your intention. That way, you’ll get the result that you want.

What is a Crystal Grid?

A crystal grid is a form of sacred geometry that is used as a powerful manifestation tool. The power invoked by a crystal grid is drawn from the sacred geometry pattern, the crystals you use and your energy. When combined, these energies become enhanced and strengthen the power of your intention.

Again, if you do some research online, you might think that crystal grids are too complicated for you. They’re not! When you’re starting, you can follow simple grid patterns from a grid template, or you can make your pattern by following your intuition.

There are plenty of grid templates available online, and you can buy a crystal grid cloth or board if you’re unsure. A simple grid pattern to find balance and harmony, for example, is to follow the path of the seven main chakras. You can also expand your grid to include other energy centers in the body. (There are 114 in total, which means you can be creative!)

Is a Bigger Crystal Grid Better?

As with all energy work, the intention must be your primary focus. You can create a grid the size of a coaster, a dinner plate or as big as your living room carpet. The size of the grid has no impact on the outcome. You might find that you can raise your energy levels better as you create a bigger grid, but then you can build up your energy just as well with meditation and visualization.

Bigger grids also need more crystals. So unless you already have loads of crystals, a smaller grid is the best option. You can use as many different types of crystals as you like, but if you want to manifest something specific, choosing only a few crystals will make the energy more focused.

What do I do with my Crystal Grid after Yule?

Depending on where you create your grid, you can keep it as it is forever. If you can’t keep it for a long time, try to let it stand for at least a week before you pack it away. Once a crystal grid has been energized, it remains a powerful manifestation tool for as long as it exists. It’s essential, though, to make sure that the layout and the energy connections aren’t disturbed at all. That’s why a smaller grid tucked away in a safe place, which is out of the way, is far more practical.

When you start planning your crystal grid and are selecting crystals, make sure that they are cleansed and charged before you use them. If you have a grid template, cleanse that as well, before you start working on your grid, you must also cleanse the area where it will stand. 

You’ll have to calculate the number of crystals you need and include a center crystal which is bigger than the rest. A grid is energized using a single terminated clear quartz crystal that has been cleansed and charged.

Before you Begin your Crystal Grid

A quick word of caution: crystal grids look beautiful and will draw attention if they’re placed out in the open. If you have children or pets in your house and they can easily access your grid, they’re almost guaranteed to be curious and go and investigate. Apart from disrupting your grid, stones are a choking hazard. It’s also not uncommon for children, cats, and dogs to need a visit to the emergency room only to be diagnosed with a crystal or two in their GI system.

It can be exhilarating planning how you’ll create your crystal grid, but don’t forget the most critical element. You intention! As with any energy communication, make your intention as clear and as simple as possible. Although we have full access to the energies of the Universe, communication channels aren’t that straightforward. 

It’s very easy for us to over complicate things, especially if something is troubling us. In your planning phase, break the issues you want to manifest down as much as possible. You want to write it down in a simple short sentence. If you have quite a few problems, you can create a separate grid for each one.

Here’s an idea of how we can confuse manifestation:

Let’s say you want to manifest more money into your life. So every day you’re thinking, “if only I could find a better job, or get a promotion, or maybe I can get a side-hustle, or what about winning a jackpot?”

If you voice all of this as your intention when you create your crystal grid – what do you want to manifest? A new job, promotion, side-hustle, or a big win? You see – those are four different things. So instead, make your intention that more money flows into your life and leave the way it manifests up to the energy of the Universe.

A Simple Crystal Grid to Manifest Change

Most grids are created within a circle, but it’s not a rule. This grid is a spiral. You can download a picture of a spiral and print it, you can draw a spiral, or you can just lay your crystals out in a spiral. Change in life can relate to anything, and the spiral symbolizes a journey with a starting point that leads from the outside to the center where your intention manifests.

I’ve chosen only three types of crystals for this grid. How many of each type of crystal you’ll need depends on the size of your spiral. Please don’t place the crystals too close together; put a bit of space between them. 

What you’ll need:

  • Obsidian:

To break bad habits and let go of old beliefs that no longer serve. Also, to ease the inevitable doubt and stress that comes with change.

  • Carnelian:

To eliminate fear and self-doubt. Also, to awaken hidden talents, inspire ambition, and increase courage to take decisive action.

  • Amethyst:

To expand consciousness, bring wisdom, promote calm, and encourage rational thinking.

  • One obsidian that’s bigger than the rest.
  • One single terminated clear quartz crystal.
  • One spiral image (if you’re using a template).
  • Your intention, written down on a piece of paper.

What you’ll need to do:

You can bring in as many extra Yule correspondences to place around your grid as you want to. Burning candles in Yule colors and incense adds to raising your energy. Incense for Yule includes camphor, cedar, ginger, myrrh, rosemary, and wintergreen.

Once your space is cleansed, and you’re ready to begin:

  • Take a few deep breaths and meditate for a few minutes.
  • Read your intention out loud.
  • Visualize your intention manifesting.
  • Holding the visualization, place alternating crystals along the spiral starting from the outside and working towards the center.
  • When you reach the center, read your intention out loud again and then put the piece of paper directly on the spiral center.
  • Place the bigger obsidian (your center crystal) over the piece of paper.
  • Use the quartz crystal to energize your grid.
  • Starting from the first crystal on the outer rim of the grid, draw a line from that crystal to the next one.
  • Continue connecting consecutive crystals to create lines of unbroken energy.
  • Your crystal grid is now activated, and your intention has been directed to the Universe.

There’s no need to cast a circle of protection, but you can spend some time meditating by the grid whenever you have the time.

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