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In a world of so much insecurity, loss, and confusion, one thing we need more of is love and kindness towards each other. That can be challenging when we’re witnessing pain, stress, and suffering and hearing about so much negativity.

Human beings don’t like change! We’re hardwired that way as part of our primitive survival instincts. In ancient times when people survived hand to mouth, even the slightest change in the environment could mean impending death at worst and substantial suffering at best. Instinctively we view change as a threat to our survival.

In modern times resistance to change is mostly unfounded, but now nature has kicked back at us. Mother Earth is purging the consequences of our reckless abuse and assumed superiority over decades of destruction. Innovation and invention are wonderful things – a gift bestowed on Man. But we’ve taken it too far and effectively bitten the hand that feeds us.

Are we being punished by the terrible effects of climate change and now the global pandemic? Not at all! If we were, then other species in nature wouldn’t be suffering along with us. What we’re living through is an energy shift on a momentous scale. Mother Nature is resetting the order of things in an attempt to bring Mother Earth back into balance. 

Cause and Effect

We all learned about the principle of causation in high school, but somehow it went over our heads. Knowingly or unknowingly, we bought into the concept of greed and consumerism at the expense of the natural environment. Man’s ego took over, and we left our natural state of living in harmony with nature behind. Since the 1960s, small pockets of society lobbied and protested the destruction of the environment and the natural order of things. But for the most part, we’ve been viewed as eccentric and even outcasts.

And now, unfortunately, the constant desire for bigger, better, and more is catching up with us. Here-today-gone-tomorrow fashion, single-use packaging and utensils, toxic waste ceaselessly pumped into rivers, mass production, commercial farming and fishing, and the claiming of natural habitats for development is having an effect.

The cause? Humanity’s insatiable greed and lack of consideration for the planet that we’re so closely connected to and that gives us life.

Yule Looms Large

For the first time in over a century, people worldwide face an uncertain yuletide or, as many refer to it, festive season. Will we be festive, or won’t we; who can say?

One of the greatest gifts that we can give to all of existence this yuletide is to put out positive, peaceful, and healing energies. However, it’s not an easy ask when faced with so much pain and destruction. Another primitive survival instinct is habit. Our daily lives are filled with habits and routines that keep us safe and well balanced. So usually people plan well ahead for festivities and seasonal traditions, but not this year. Everyone’s unsure!

Millions of people across the world are at a total loss. They’re stuck in a state of inertia because they’ve lost so much, or fear that they will. The environment is in tatters as fires and floods rage on, and species of plants and wildlife are going extinct every day.

There’s Light in all the Darkness, and that Light is You

You’re likely thinking, “wow, can this get anymore gloomy?” I suppose it can, but if we know what we’re dealing with, we can take positive action. There’s opportunity in even the darkest of times! And this is the time where witches, Wiccans, pagans, and any other worshippers of Mother Earth and the Universe can step up.

We can’t change the world, and we can’t undo what’s done, but we can, through energy work, impact the energy flow for the better. Each one of us can make an impact in a small way, and the combined effect of our intentions can make a collective difference.

Our energy is affected by our mindset, so the place to start with is ourselves. If everything that’s happening is brining your vibrational energy down, now’s the time to get working on yourself.

How to Lift your Vibrational Energy

Face facts:

if things are getting to you, admit it to yourself. Identify what drains you and see whether you have any control over it. If you don’t, you have to let it go. Letting go of all the suffering, for example, doesn’t mean you don’t care. It means that you acknowledge it with empathy, but know that you can’t change it. This way, you regain control of your life and emotions.

Cleanse your system:

body, mind, and soul – get in there and reset a healthy balance. Eat well, move (exercise, dancing, cleaning, whatever…), practice deep breathing, listen to music and sing along, and spend time in quiet mediation or prayer, asking for nothing – just connecting with the Divine.

Practice your craft:

again, with no intention other than to realign yourself and find personal balance and harmony. Work on your chakras, burn incense and use essential oils, draw tarot cards or runes… Do the things that are part of your practices and craft without the pressure of wanting an outcome.

Be kind to yourself and others:

show yourself love and kindness and don’t allow stress and anxiety to wear you down. Smile at strangers and offer a kind word if you can. When we think and act with love, love becomes our being.

Your Positive Energy will Make a Difference

Even after just a few days of working to raise your vibrational energy, you’ll see a difference. You’ll be surprised to see just how quickly we can accumulate negative energy in a time of crisis. Don’t be surprised if you feel a bit off, mentally or physically, for a few days; it’s detoxification. Drink plenty of healthy liquids, get enough sleep, and you’ll actually feel your energy shift.

Once you’re in a good space, strong, vibrant, and radiating positive energy, you can begin spreading it to the world around you and into the Universe.

World Peace Ritual at Yule

You’ll need no specific correspondences for this ritual, but you can include as many as you like that feel relevant to you. Maybe you want to bring in the elements or leave them out as a sign of respect since so much harm is being caused by water, wind, and fire to the earth.

The primary connection you want is for your energy to connect with spirit and the Universe to bring healing and harmony back to our world. There are many healing gods, goddesses, archetypes, angels, and deities that you can call on if they resonate with you. Adding correspondences to represent their presence can add to the ritual.

The most crucial factor is that you are in a place of peace, free of worry, fear, or desperation because that will block off the energy flow from you to the Universe. This ritual can be done on your own, with family and friends, or as a coven.

Even though this is a visualization ritual, always cast a circle of protection when working with spirit and energy.

What you’ll do

Because this is such a critical mission and your energy and intentions need to be pure and potent, make sure you’re well-rested and calm. Fasting for a few hours beforehand is always helpful. Cleanse you scared space ahead with sound, smudging, or whichever way feels right for you.

You can sit or stand, but make sure you’ll be comfortable and undisturbed.

  • Cast your circle of protection.
  • Start with deep breathing, taking your breath all the way down to the very base of your abdomen (base chakra) – hold it, and then slowly exhale.
  • Continue until you feel as if you’re floating free.
  • Thoughts will come up in your mind; allow them to flow through without focusing on them.
  • As you become more relaxed, you can close your eyes.
  • Gradually change your breathing to filling your lungs and then exhaling.
  • Keep that breathing pattern and take your focus down to your base chakra.
  • Feel it opening up and resonating with a pure red light.
  • Continue up to your sacral chakra, opening with pure orange light.
  • Move to your solar plexus chakra, opening with pure yellow light.
  • Then on to your heart chakra, opening with pure green (or pink) light.
  • Open your throat chakra and see it’s pure blue light expand.
  • See your brow chakra open with pure indigo light.
  • Finally, open your crown chakra and see its pure purple light.
  • Visualize the light from your chakras expand way beyond your energy field.
  • From the depth of your soul, create a spiral of light that moves upwards, with the base centered in your being and expanding way beyond you into the Universe.
  • Call on the energy of spirit and any other energies that you want to join you.
  • Spend time feeling and seeing the light around you expand and grow into a kaleidoscope of colors.
  • Saturate that light with your intention; healing, peace, and harmony for our planet and all who share it.
  • Visualize the energies, colors, and intentions enveloping our world, reaching every corner and way beyond.
  • See it penetrate to the core of our world.
  • At this point, you might get psychic visions; sit with them, even if they’re uncomfortable or distressing.
  • Hold that space for as long as you can.
  • Once the energy and cloud of colors begin to dissipate, you can start withdrawing and bringing yourself back into the present moment.
  • Breath your own light and energy back into the core of your being and close your chakras.
  • Thank all the energies present and open your circle.

This ritual can take a while without you realizing it, so you could be quite tired afterward. Make sure to ground yourself and drink water or a cup of herbal tea.

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