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The Suit of Pentacles – Learning Tarot

What makes you want to say, “My precious”? Beautiful, shiny things? Material comfort? Money in your bank account? The tarot suit of Pentacles deals with the things we treasure the most in the physical realm — the things that make us feel richer than Croesus or poorer than a pauper.

Also known as the “suit of Coins”, Pentacles corresponds to the suit of Diamonds in playing cards. In the Rider-Waite tarot deck, the suit of Pentacles shows its figures amassing (or losing) wealth, being generous or stingy, and achieving success and prosperity through their work.

The deeper meaning of Pentacles

Pentacles represent all our material concerns: money, career, the home, our health, how we define being “well off”, how we behave and interact on a professional level, and how we juggle different projects and work towards our goals.

Associations: Winter; night; Earth; North; the astrological signs of Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn; a witch’s pentacle; green and brown colors; feminine energy.

Like all Minor Arcana suits, the suit of Pentacles consists of 14 Minor Arcana cards: 10 number cards from Ace to Ten and 4 court cards (Page, Knight, Queen, King).

Ace of Pentacles

New beginnings, job offer, money coming in

Like all Aces, Ace of Pentacles signals a new beginning. Expect a positive boost in your career or finances. It’s a great time to make investments, start a new job, or move to a new home. If you’re asking a question, the answer is yes.

Two of Pentacles

Multitasking, time management, priorities

Working two jobs to make ends meet? Trying to balance between your day job and your passion project? Or just weighing your options? The Two of Pentacles shows you’re currently performing a precarious balancing act. For now, it works out well enough — but you should be careful.

Three of Pentacles

Apprenticeship, teamwork, accepting feedback

Just like the whole is bigger than the sum of its parts, the Three of Pentacles is here to remind you that by working together with others, you’ll achieve much better results than going it solo. Don’t hesitate to ask for advice or accept feedback when working on a project.

Four of Pentacles

Accumulated wealth, materialism, being greedy

Seems like you’ve achieved financial stability — but at what cost? Being surrounded by beautiful belongings is not a bad thing; being attached to them is. This card asks you to take a closer look at your habits and see if materialism has taken root in your heart.

Five of Pentacles

Financial adversity, feeling isolated, struggling

On the flipside of Four of Pentacles, Five of Pentacles is a sign of hardship. Maybe your bank account doesn’t look so good right now. Or maybe you’re feeling low on luck and hope, in general. Whatever it is you’re struggling with, it won’t be forever. Help is on the way.

Six of Pentacles

Generosity, charity, sharing resources

Both giving and receiving are necessary qualities to have. The Six of Pentacles is here to remind you to not hesitate to provide the former and accept the latter. Generosity can take many forms and all of them are a balm to the soul — when not given with a hidden agenda.

Seven of Pentacles

Perseverance, need for patience, keep going

“Are we there yet?” the Seven of Pentacles seems to be asking. You have been working hard; you feel like you should have been seeing more results by now. Perhaps your career is not yet where you thought it would be… But don’t give up. You’re on the right track.

Eight of Pentacles

Skill development, no distractions, workaholism

While the Seven of Pentacles worries about the destination, the Eight of Pentacles focuses on the journey instead. You are now honing your craft: working the problem from all possible angles and becoming better at what you do every day. Don’t be surprised if a promotion comes along.

Nine of Pentacles

Self-sufficiency, safe space, financial independence

Even though it may not look like you thought it would look, your life is pretty good right now. You have carved your own little corner of the world and will only accept other people there if they can play by your rules. You already have everything you need to be happy.

Ten of Pentacles

Domestic bliss, financial security, inheritance

All Tens of the tarot denote a completion of some sort. The Ten of Pentacles shows that your efforts have borne fruit. A steady career, a good income, a beautiful home: all these things can be your reality now. If some family money comes your way, make sure to use it wisely.

Page of Pentacles

Potential for success, skill development, manifestation

Have you started on a new path? Whether making plans for the future, studying hard, or dabbling in a new hobby, you should take your time and enjoy the ride. Don’t try and rush progress: you need to learn how to walk before you can fly.

Knight of Pentacles

Gentle force, slow progress, routine

“Slow and steady wins the race” might as well be the Knight of Pentacles’ motto. Although the Knights of tarot all signify change and progress, the Knight of Pentacles likes to do things at their own pace. Being efficient, reliable, and thinking things through, you’ll go a long way.

Queen of Pentacles

Nurturing mother, home provider, abundance

All Queen cards represent a strong female character in your life — or particular qualities within yourself. The Queen of Pentacles is all about support and nurture and creating an environment where you and your loved ones feel safe and loved. Home is where the heart, and the Queen of Pentacles, is.

King of Pentacles

Financial success, leadership, professionalism

Like all King cards, the King of Pentacles represents authority — your own, or that of a powerful male figure in your life. You may have reached the top of your field, and it’s now time to mentor others, or you may have found the right mentor for you. Whatever the case, success is assured.

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