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Solitary Witches are Witches who prefer to practice their Craft on their own rather than in a Coven. While magick can be stronger when performed in a group, it is not necessary for all Witches. Solitary Witches can be just as powerful as Witches within a Coven, and they only need to adapt to practicing magick alone rather than in a group. One of the things Witches need to adjust when practicing alone is the Deities that they chose to work with. Any Deity has the potential to help a Solitary Witch, but some seek out solo Witches more than others. These Deities help Solitary Witches more since Solitary Witches need the extra help to perform certain spells or rituals that may have better results performed through a Coven. If you are a Solitary Witch and are looking for a Deity that can help boost your magickal abilities, then keep on reading. You should be able to find or at least get an idea of the deities that will work best with solo Witches and try to reach out to the one that calls out to you the most. Let’s look at these Deities and what you can do to reach out to them.

Why do Solitary Witches Connect to Certain Deities?

Solitary Witches connect to specific Deities for multiple reasons. Solitary Witches may connect to a Deity if the Deity is known for helping out solo Witches, if the Deity likes to share its power to those who need it the most, or if the Deity is known to be helpful regardless of the reason. Whatever the reason that the Solitary Witch connects to the Deity, one thing is true, the Deity has answered their call for help. The Deity has agreed to help them boost their magickal powers or to supply the extra magick needed for spells that typically require more than one Witch.

Some Deities for Solitary Witches

Do note that, while this list of Deities will reach out to Solitary Witches easier, any Deity has the potential to be helpful to Solitary Witches. If you are trying to reach out to a Deity that typically prefers to help out Covens, it will take some convincing and persistence to show these Deities that you are worth their time, even if you are alone. But if you are new to finding a Patron Deity as a Solitary Witch, the following list will help you and explain why these Deities help Solitary Witches more often.


Athena is the Greek Goddess of wisdom and war. She is also the Goddess of courage, arts, and civilization. Athena is a caring Goddess who looks over her followers with great care as she knows that they are fragile beings who have essential roles in their society. Due to Athena’s caring nature, she tends to help those who need extra support or are on their own. Solitary Witches are specially cared for by Athena since she respects their choice for working on their own and will supply her help should they need it, but she would still prefer they conquer their trials on their own before reaching out to her.


Frigg is a Norse Goddess of marriage, the household, love, and is also the wife of Odin. Frigg lives in the wetlands of Fensalir and is known for her vast knowledge. Due to her knowledge, she is mainly sought out when Witches need advice. Solitary Witches may reach out to Frigg more to get her opinion and information as they have no one else to turn to. She will answer the call of the Solitary Witch since she knows they struggle more in achieving their goals alone compared to Witches in a Coven.


Hecate is the Greek Goddess of Witchcraft, Magick, and crossroads. She is often depicted holding torches in her hands as she is a guide for those in need. Since she is a deity of Witchcraft and Magick, she understands that some Witches chose to work on their own despite the challenges that may come. Since she knows that Solitary Witches need the extra help, she will answer the call of Solitary Witches that need her help, be it to share magick, aid in spells and rituals, or anything else they may need.


Hermes is the Greek God of people of the arts, travelers, boundaries, and is the messenger of the Gods. While he is also known for being a Trickster God, he is still reliable when it comes to providing help. Since he looks explicitly over people traveling alone, it is no surprise that he will help Witches on their own so that they can still perform the spells and rituals that they are aiming for. Since he is a Trickster God, Solitary Witches do need to be careful not to be manipulated by him so that they can perform a proper spell.


Hestia is the Greek Goddess of the hearth and domestic life. The hearth is the heart of the home as making and preserving fires in ancient times was essential to keep the family fed and the house warm. As for domestic life, Hestia helped families maintain order and control through a single person or as a home unit. Since Hestia is known for helping families grow and stay healthy, she tends to support the head of the family to maintain the home. Solitary Witches will pique Hestia’s interest in helping as she wants to help families grow and prosper.


Rama is the Hindu God representing the perfect man and husband. Many have reached out to Rama to help improve themselves to be the ideal image. Yes, perfection is biased and is not typically obtainable by humans, but Rama still tries to help humans achieve it. Solitary male Witches can pray to Rama if they are trying to improve their image or themselves. Rama does not mind working with one person at a time as it gives him a chance to provide personal aid, magick, and anything else needed to help a male Solitary Witch be a better Witch.


Sita is the Hindu Goddess representing perfect womanhood. Similar to Rama, she is sought out by females wanting to improve who they are. Like Rama, Sita does prefer to work with women on single terms to be able to give them better assistance in what the woman needs. Female Solitary Witches can especially reach out to Sita during a hard time or if they want to be better females, and they should expect a response from her quickly. Sita can be a bit stubborn at first to summon, so be persistent, and she will help the female Witch in need.

How to Find Your Patron Deity

Finding your Patron Deity could be done in a variety of ways. Here are some examples of what you could do to try and find your Patron Deity.

  • Set up your altar with offerings and see which Deity it attracts. The Deity will reach out to you when they have accepted your offers.
  • You can meditate regularly until a deity reaches out to you and accepts your want for help.
  • You can perform a tea leaf ritual and go off by the image left by the tea leaves to find out what Patron Deity the image is linked to.
  • Perform a smudging spell to clean the energies in your home so that the power of the Deity that wants to help you will have a place to go.
  • Wait for the Deity to reach you in your dreams by performing a dream spell. You’ll leave your subconscious open for outside energies to enter and leave you a sign of their presence.
  • Use the Elements to try and call out to your Patron Deity by performing a spell unique to each Element that is meant to call out to Deities or spirits around you.

Now that you have an idea of what types of Deities work best for Solitary Witches, you can start to narrow down your options to which Deity fits your needs the most. Do know that whatever Deity you choose to reach out to, they will be the ones that will decide if you are worth their aid or not. If the Deity you selected doesn’t answer your call, don’t be discouraged, just try another Deity until a Deity calls back to you. It may also take a few attempts before a Deity decides to answer your call, so don’t stop trying to call your chosen Deity if the first time fails. Keep trying, and you’ll soon find the Deity that will answer your call and help you out in future spells and rituals. And once you find your Patron Deity, you should have an easier time accomplishing spells that typically require more than one Witch to perform or accomplish. You need only to remember to leave them offerings or pray to them in thanks whenever they help you out.

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