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Being an Empath

Have you ever had people tell you that you are too emotional? That you are too sensitive? Or have you ever found yourself feeling the same way a close friend or family member is feeling, even though their situation does not affect you? If you feel a strong emotional connection, then you may belong to the exclusive group of people called Empaths.

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Being a Kitchen Witch

Kitchen witches are all about magick in the kitchen. Kitchens are often the central hub of a house with people gathering to talk, drink, and get small samples of what delicious food soon lies ahead. With fresh aromas wafting out and the bustle of preparing dishes, kitchens are the perfect place for creating magick. Kitchen witches predominantly rely on things that grow which is why many of them practice herbalism. Some kitchen witches even have their own garden from which to create herbal concoctions or use for culinary dishes. These practitioners are most often down to earth and focus their intent on healing, whether that is others, themselves, their community, or mother earth.

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Different Types of Witches

In case you didn’t know, there are a variety of Witch types you can be, not just the standard Wiccan Witch we all know. The different kinds of Witches specialize in a form of craft or practice that uses their magic in different ways. Typically, Witches start as a standard Witch since it is the best place to start when first learning the Craft. But, as Witches begin to learn more spells and magical properties, they may decide to specialize in a particular craft, thus becoming a specific type of Witch. We will go over a few of the more common Witch types out there, but know that many different types of Witches exist that do not have a large following due to them being obscure or not talked about as much.  

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Balancing Mind & Soul at Mabon

There’s an ongoing reciprocal relationship between the mind, soul, and the body. Each impacts and is impacted by the other. When we’re in balance, we tend to be calm, healthy, and happy. If something happens that upsets this balance, we can usually cope because each part backs up the other.

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Kitchen Witchery: Root Vegetables

Root vegetables play a key role in harvest festivals because they store so well for use throughout the winter. Lasting for several months when stored in a root cellar, root vegetables provide important nutrition in months when harvesting isn’t possible due to cold temperatures. Like most things in nature, root vegetables also have inherent magickal properties that make them perfect for kitchen witchery.

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The Ethics of Spellcasting that Impacts Others

What are ethics?Ethics are a standard of right and wrong. They provide directions on what a human ought to do in terms of basic rights, obligations, and fairness. The core of ethical behavior focuses on something or someone other than ourselves as it looks at the benefits to society or the larger group. It requires that we put our own self interest and desires to the side to determine the best course of action. When someone is thinking or acting ethically, they look at the broader picture beyond their own self.

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The Water Element

In spellwork and ritual, Witches don’t just call upon the Goddess and God but also the elements. To make your invocations and spellwork more potent, having an understanding of the elements you are working with is important. The element of Water is essential to all life, animal and plant alike. Water is necessary for birth and regeneration. But its power can also be dangerous and damaging. Tossing seas, floods from storms, drowning – if Water isn’t respected the results could be disastrous.

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The History of the Maypole

When it comes to celebrating Beltane, perhaps the most significant symbol of the season you will see is the Maypole. The Maypole dance is regarded as a time of joy where couples, friends, and families can come together in a dance that will strengthen their bonds of love. While the Maypole may seem like just a time to dance, it holds a long-standing symbolism that traditions aim to retain. To get a better idea of how vital the Maypole is for us Witches and Beltane, we will be diving into its origins, history, how other cultures use the Maypole, and even how to make and use one today!

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Magickal Weaving and Braiding

Harkening back to the ancient crone deities that maintain the thread of mortal life, weaving and braiding have been important aspects within magickal craft and ritual. Often overlooked in favor of herbs, crystals, or candle work, adding braiding or weaving to one’s spellbook can diversify one’s magickal knowledge. Both the creation and use of braids can be for ritual or spell work, from the moment one starts braiding to the braid’s use in a separate spell. From Penelope with her meditative weaving and destruction of Laertes’ burial shroud as she waited for Odyssius, to the modern practitioner braiding a basket to hold items on their altar, braids are a central piece of magickal work. The repetitive motion works best at an even pace and lends itself well to rituals and spell work. The modern practitioner is not just limited to yarns for their projects as many different materials can be used. If it is flexible enough that it can be bent quite a bit without breaking, then it can be used for magickal weaving and braiding

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