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The History of the Maypole

When it comes to celebrating Beltane, perhaps the most significant symbol of the season you will see is the Maypole. The Maypole dance is regarded as a time of joy where couples, friends, and families can come together in a dance that will strengthen their bonds of love. While the Maypole may seem like just a time to dance, it holds a long-standing symbolism that traditions aim to retain. To get a better idea of how vital the Maypole is for us Witches and Beltane, we will be diving into its origins, history, how other cultures use the Maypole, and even how to make and use one today!

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The Birch Tree

She is known for her beauty, the gently peeling white bark, slender trunk, and feathery leaves. She is called many names: The White Goddess, the Ribbon Tree, the Lady of the Woods, the Silver Maiden. Birch is a “pioneer tree” – it is the first to grow after fires or in previously barren lands. It is the state tree of New Hampshire and the national tree of several countries. It is commonly used to manufacture speaker cabinets due to its amazing natural resonance for high and low frequencies, which are hard to reproduce.

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