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The Goddess Isis

Isis is one of the most important goddesses of Egypt. She is considered to be  the mother of all Egyptian gods, as she is seen as a good wife and a role model. While she is highly crucial to Egyptian culture, her name and power go beyond the Egyptian border. She has become an important goddess in many major religions throughout the centuries, including Paganism and Witchcraft. Isis is worshipped throughout the world by Witches for her strong feminine image and for the power that she carries. But, before we get to how Isis is worshipped today by Witches, let us look at her legends and stories to see why she is so important to many religions around the globe.

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The Hare Goddess Wenut

Long before the festival of Ostara was “repurposed” as Easter by the early Christian church, even long before the Goddess Eostre was celebrated by our Anglo-Saxon ancestors, a different Hare Goddess was honored by some very spiritual people every coming Spring. These people were the ancient Egyptians. As for the Hare Goddess, her name was Wenet; the Swift One. 

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Thoth – Writing, Magick, Wisdom, And The Moon

One of the most important gods of the Egyptian pantheon, Thoth is the god of writing, magick, wisdom, and the moon. His origin as a god is told two ways. In the lesser told version, he was born of the seed of Horus from the forehead of Set. Horus, the god of Order, and Set, the goddess of Chaos, created a son of equal parts, making Thoth, the god of equilibrium and balance. The more common belief of his origin is that he was self-created. He appeared, an ibis, and laid the egg that hatched Ra which led to all of creation. Some believe he was created through the power of language.

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