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The Goddess Hekate

Look at Hecate, standing guard at the crossroads, one face looking in each direction." Hekate (also written as Hecate or Hecat) is, both literally and figuratively, a multifaceted deity. Almost always, she is depicted in her triple form: a Goddess with three aspects/faces. Some say it’s to symbolize the power she has over all the three realms (Earth, Sea, and Sky). Others say it’s to symbolize the inherent Sacred Trinity in her nature, being simultaneously the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone.

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Pomona – Goddess of Fruits And Orchards

As a Harvest Sabbat, Mabon is a time to honor the goddesses and gods that are the patrons of agriculture. Some bless agriculture as a whole, some are specific to the harvest, and others have particular focuses such as grain or wine grapes. Pomona, a goddess of the Roman pantheon, is the goddess of fruits and orchards. Unlike most deities of the Roman pantheon, Pomona has no Greek counterpart. She is often associated with Demeter, but while there are similarities, they are not the same. Pomona is not a harvest deity but one of cultivation. She oversees and blesses the growing of orchards, protecting them and helping them flourish. She and her husband Vertumnus had a join festival held around August 13th each year. 

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The Greek Goddess, Gaia 

Gaia, or Gaea, is the Greek Goddess of the Earth and was believed to have been a deity who governed the universe before the Titans were created. Over time, Gaia has been giving the title of “Mother Earth” due to her responsibility for creating all life on Earth, her inability to see people suffering and her natural nurturing personality. Even though she is a Greek Goddess, her power and influence are still highly respected amongst Witches and other Pagan religions. She is one of the most important Goddesses since, without her, none of the other Gods and Goddesses, much fewer humans, would have existed. Let’s go over who exactly Gaia is, her influences, and how she is worshiped on Modern Paganism.

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Freja, Goddess of Love and Death

Freyja—who may have also been known as Frigg depending on where one gets their information—is the most renowned of all the Norse goddesses. She is one of the few deities that has a foot in the two divine clans of Norse mythology, the Aesir, and the Vanir. Her mother is unknown, though believed by some to be Nethys, but her father is Njord. Her twin brother is Frey. Her husband is none other than Odin himself. She is sometimes seen as a devoted witch and wise Queen, and sometimes she is depicted as a wild woman who likes nothing but lovemaking and thrilling pleasure, especially once she was viewed through the lens of ancient historians, who were often religious, for whom the ideal woman was virginal and lacked in her own sensual interests.

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Thoth – Writing, Magick, Wisdom, And The Moon

One of the most important gods of the Egyptian pantheon, Thoth is the god of writing, magick, wisdom, and the moon. His origin as a god is told two ways. In the lesser told version, he was born of the seed of Horus from the forehead of Set. Horus, the god of Order, and Set, the goddess of Chaos, created a son of equal parts, making Thoth, the god of equilibrium and balance. The more common belief of his origin is that he was self-created. He appeared, an ibis, and laid the egg that hatched Ra which led to all of creation. Some believe he was created through the power of language.

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The Wiccan Triple Goddess

One of the most prominent aspects of the Wiccan religion is that of the Triple Goddess. Before we venture into the meaning and into the various goddesses who encompass this aspect in full, we must understand that the triple goddess is something that takes place in each of us, male or female, every single day. The Wiccan way is about balance. Every human being, regardless of their gender specification must find balance within themselves to find the enlightenment that they seek. The triple goddess is an aspect that is found within the feminine side of the human being. The triple aspect is broken into the maiden, the mother and the crone. This can also be equated as, research, creation and reflection.

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The Horned God

Close your eyes and think only of the forest path before you. Look at the tall trees and the strength of the ages held in each one of them. Feel the breeze dance between the small bushes and witness the little creatures scampering out of sight. This is the Horned God. He is the God of the Wild, The Greenman, The Lord of the Hunt and He belongs to the mystery of the magic that you find within the dense thickets of the forest. He is every tree, every bird, and every animal. He is the forest. He is all earth before we humans began building our skyscrapers and our roads to travel through him in a more convenient way. He still exists, everywhere beneath our feet. He is in the garden, in the air, in the trees along the road, he is in everything wild, everything green, and even in everything dark and rotting. He is the earth itself.

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