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About Lady Tashi

Lady Tashi was raised Catholic, leaving it at 17. She embraced Wicca while in the Navy. Over the years she has been a priestess of various circles and covens. In the early 90s, while living in the Washington DC area, she produced 70 episodes of the 1st regularly scheduled television program for witches by witches. Years later, seeking more profound mystical wisdom, she became Orthodox Tibetan Nun and lived a monastic life for seven years. These days she’s a newspaper columnist and hosts a weekly radio program focused on Witchcraft topics. 

Metaphysical Connectivity – Part Two

In my previous essay about Connectivity, I said, our life spark is connected to the great consciousness and therefore everything, everywhere everywhen. In theory we should be able to shift our consciousness to any point of Time and Space. In theory, yes. But in applied practice there are some nagging kinks. For about twenty years I taught classes in Remote Viewing or RV to my students and others from the pagan community. Now I hear some witch-oriented people moaning “Remote Viewing is not Witchcraft, it’s not the old ways.” I beg to differ. Think of it as a modern disciplined approach to the old skill of divining. 

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Metaphysical Connectivity – Part One

It is often said in mysticism that we are connected to an immediate local group of spirit instances. Lifetime after lifetime, we reincarnate together. My daughter in this lifetime may have been my mother in a previous life or perhaps my military captain, or even simply a colleague in a common profession, who knows. Lifetime after lifetime, we all wear different masks-of-flesh and participate in this game of incarnate life.

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An Overview Of Magickal Mechanics

I recently retired from Pastoral Priestess duties, including representing the Pagan community at the regional Clergy Council. There are plenty of up and coming folks who are eager to perform the day-to-day joys and rigors of doing pastoral work within the Wiccan community. It was time to pass the proverbial torch. As a mystical explorer, I have decided to dedicate my remaining years to documenting what I have learned about spirituality and, most especially, the magickal arts. Many of my planned writings will be articles here in Wicca Magazine. I have received numerous requests to write a short summary of my view and perspective of forty years of Magickal and Divining Practice. Ok, here is a primer for life on a road less traveled!

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Yule – A Season of Darkness and Bright Offerings

Thoughts of writing this YULE article has given me fits for weeks. It is important to remember that not everyone is looking forward to Yule or the overlapping mundane Christmas season. Most especially in this time of COVID with all its health restrictions!

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Witch Persecutions in Maryland

These days the term 'Witch Hunt' is often heard and seen in the news. The term is being used too loosely describing a perceived irrational search and persecution of a political figure. For many of us, the term brings forth mental images of wild crowds of peasants carrying flaming torches, pitchforks and shovels screaming “Kill the Witch!” All too often, in times past that person was a talented, outspoken woman who was perceived to have power over others.  

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The COVID-19 Impact on Craft Gatherings

The Global Impact of the COVID-19 virus on humankind has been devastating in many ways. I need not go into depth. Beyond the advised medical protocols and social conduct issues, one of the most significant problems has been the cultural changes.

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DEATH – A Teaching

Since the early news of the COVID-19 outbreak, the news cycle has been awash with reports of the death toll. Lots of numbers and statistics have been tossed around, but nobody has firm data. If you follow the news enough, you can get wrapped up in it. The news junkies I know are manic about catching the disease and either dying or having someone else close to them die.

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A Sacred Space Of Our Own

The concept of planning for the deep future is a difficult one for many modern folks to comprehend. We’re used to near-instant communication with our hand-held computerized phones. The promise of pizza deliveries in thirty minutes or less. Online orders for merchandise in two or three days. Unless you are an architect, a civil engineer, or perhaps a construction contractor, many of us rarely think about doing things that will affect other people many decades or even centuries in the future.  Most of us plan our lives for a relatively short span of weeks and months. For me, the exposure to this notion of Deep Future thinking began some twenty years after becoming Wiccan. I had the opportunity with several other priestesses to take a midlife spiritual sabbatical of sorts in an American based Orthodox Tibetan Buddhist Monastery.

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Are Pagan Holidays More Than A Seasonal Clock?

When people who aren't of a magickal orientation ask me about Witchcraft, I usually tell them that the Craft is an Art, Science, and a Lifestyle. The magickal skeptics never dispute the art aspect or the lifestyle aspect. But they usually object loudly about the science aspect, claiming there is no science associated with witchcraft. I beg to differ. What follows is one of my discussions about how some of the mystical aspects of the Craft are confirmed by science; and where understanding the science actually benefits the Craft practitioner.

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