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About Danai Christopoulou

Danai has been a writer for 16 years. She was always fascinated by mythology and the occult, but when she started her Wicca journey five years ago, she realized magic is, actually, all around us. Currently she's studying every course in Pagan history she can get her hands into, penning a series of novels starring her matron Goddess and manifesting her dream life in Sweden.

Learning Tarot – The Suit of Pentacles

What makes you want to say, “My precious”? Beautiful, shiny things? Material comfort? Money in your bank account? The tarot suit of Pentacles deals with the things we treasure the most in the physical realm — the things that make us feel richer than Croesus or poorer than a pauper.

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The Goddess Hekate

Look at Hecate, standing guard at the crossroads, one face looking in each direction." Hekate (also written as Hecate or Hecat) is, both literally and figuratively, a multifaceted deity. Almost always, she is depicted in her triple form: a Goddess with three aspects/faces. Some say it’s to symbolize the power she has over all the three realms (Earth, Sea, and Sky). Others say it’s to symbolize the inherent Sacred Trinity in her nature, being simultaneously the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone.

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Learning Tarot – The Suit of Wands

The wand chooses the wizard.” It may be a line from a children’s book, but its premise is correct. Far from being just a passive staff we wave around during spellcasting and rituals, a wand is an energetic tool. Used with respect, it helps manifest a witch’s (or wizard’s) will. That’s the main energy behind the suit of Wands in a tarot deck.

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