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About Bev Campling

Bev is a curious, independent and free-spirited writer and practicing witch who started doing witchy things as a child without knowing why. Since then her love of everything alternative and unconventional has only grown. Bev loves sharing what she’s learned with others and has no intention of stopping her journey of learning either.

The Spirit Element

Also known as aether, the spirit element has been discussed and theorized about since ancient times. From intellectuals like Plato and Aristotle to Vedic philosophers, all acknowledged the existence of the aether or the spirit element. In some traditions, it’s considered the first element and in others the fifth.

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Balancing Mind & Soul at Mabon

There’s an ongoing reciprocal relationship between the mind, soul, and the body. Each impacts and is impacted by the other. When we’re in balance, we tend to be calm, healthy, and happy. If something happens that upsets this balance, we can usually cope because each part backs up the other.

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The Maple Tree

There are over 125 different species of the maple tree that are indigenous to Asia, Europe, North Africa, and the U.S. With the species interacting with so many different cultures over millennia, it’s attracted all kinds of myths, associations, and related magical properties. In this article, we’ll focus on the most common uses, associations, and properties.

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The Birch Tree

She is known for her beauty, the gently peeling white bark, slender trunk, and feathery leaves. She is called many names: The White Goddess, the Ribbon Tree, the Lady of the Woods, the Silver Maiden. Birch is a “pioneer tree” – it is the first to grow after fires or in previously barren lands. It is the state tree of New Hampshire and the national tree of several countries. It is commonly used to manufacture speaker cabinets due to its amazing natural resonance for high and low frequencies, which are hard to reproduce.

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